About Me

My name is Michael Ridings, I have been a resident in the Mildura area for a little more than 20 years.

I have five grown up children and six grand children also living in the district. I have worked in management and counselling roles and am a qualified accountant.

My work and volunteer involvements around Mildura have exposed me to speaking in public on a regular basis and this has in part prepared me for the role of a Marriage Celebrant.

As a qualified Marriage celebrant I am authorised to conduct weddings in Australia.

Cheerfulness is the Key.

Who ever remembered the words of the Celebrant ???

To me the key role of the celebrant is facilitate the marriage in a way that highlights the joy of the occasion, in a cheerful manner.

Words chosen should dignify the occasion of course. But guests come TO HEAR THE VOWS, not a celebrant with too many “pearls of wisdom”.

There is nothing more personally satisfying than my role as a Celebrant.

Being a Marriage Celebrant is personally the most satisfying role that I have had the pleasure to perform in the community. Above all that’s because it is always such a happy occasion. Whether big and grand, or small and simple, every wedding has its own character, and is equally special and romantic.

There is nothing more lovely than to see those big smiles on the faces of the bride and groom and their honoured guests.

It’s an honour and pleasure for me to be your celebrant and share that happy day with you. I have met so many lovely people, and enjoy seeing each one from time to time around our local Mildura community.