There is no part of any wedding that has higher importance than the sharing of vows.


Vows are the most essential ingredient in a marriage. They form the basis of the commitment and consideration to each other for the years ahead.

All vows must begin with …. “I (full name) take you (full name) to be my lawfully married (husband, wife)”.

Other than that you can write your own vows or use some draft vows as a starting point. If you would like help with your vows I can provide some options or ideas to assist you.


Exchanging rings has been a lasting custom especially in western cultures. The rings hold a lasting significance for married couples.

Wearing of rings is very symbolic. But above all, its a visual symbol is a lasting declaration to all around us that we are married and “unavailable”.

Furthermore they are a visible reminder to ourselves, of our wedding day and the promise of fidelity that we have made to each other.